Dressage Tests

WAWE uses and describes the riding test as “Dressage Test”. WEA also believes it is the appropriate description of a test in the 20 x 40 arena.

The word “dressage” is not a term that describes bad riding. It just means riding.

Any dislike for the term dressage is more than likely where a rider has been reprimanded for bad riding or that a person has witnessed some bad riding in a dressage test. However the word dressage is not a reason to isolate the whole of a sport. There is many forms of bad riding that are not called dressage. This includes some WE examples.

The result of classifying dressage itself as a reason for people not to want be involved with dressage is an oxymoron and is based on personal opinion rather than a justifiable reason to change the sport of Working Equitation. Dressage is part of the sport and it should be preserved.

New Dressage Tests will be posted here soon