About WEA Inc

Welcome to Working Equitation Australia Web Site.

The aim of this organisation is to promote inclusive involvement at all levels of Working Equitation. Everyone is able to contribute to a wonderful and exciting sport in Australia.

The basis for the states and WEA is to allow all people from any background or interest to join for the benefit of the sport.

There is no compulsory requirement to join a club except if anyone has any interest in participation of the state and national body, the only requirement is to join the state association that you may reside.

This method of involvement means that no one is excluded from any process and that no one can be prejudice so as to cause issues of favouritism etc.

Trainers, educators, people who may not ride, people who just want to ride, volunteers and perhaps even professional people such as doctors or armed services personnel may join a state branch and be able to contribute to the sport at any level. If people wish to just join a local club and not participate in the operations of the management then this is also welcomed.

No body or any organisation is restricted from participation in the state to national level.

Many hands make the job much easier.

Many Hands Make Easy Work

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